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Listen up, listen up, very exciting news…

You are already a talented trader. You have done the hard miles. Why continue slogging away on a small personal account for small returns that are never likely to help you reach your income goals? It’s time to get rewarded with the financial returns that your efforts deserve and to be rewarded NOW when you are most able to enjoy the fruits of your labour rather than 30+ years down the line when you are not.

You may now be thinking about where you go from here to access extra capital to trade with. How easy is it? Do I need a verified track record? If so how long for? Will I need to conduct an interview? What are the pro’s and con’s? Do I need to relocate? Etc..etc…Well good news as today we are delighted to launch our ‘Learn to Trade A Fund’ course which will provide you with several specific routes to consider in order to access this all important extra trading capital. We look at each option in detail so that you can make a more informed decision as to which would be the best route FOR YOU and your specific trading, financial and life goals. You can more about the course in this video.

Then, if you are raring and ready to get your fund trading career started, you can access the course, via the link below: 

Whilst the course is just the first step of your exciting fund trader journey, I want you to think about the bigger picture. Let’s take you down the road a few months. Imagine yourself in 12-18 months time from now. If you maintain your discipline and consistency, you have the potential to be trading an account of over $1m (via one of the routes we discuss in the course). What if, like we showed you in a recent video, you managed to make +3% growth in a month? That’s a $30,000 profit? Significant earnings. What if you did just half this amount (so just +1.5% account growth in a month), that’s still $15,000 in a single month. What if you had to split your profits 50/50 with your investors/funding company? That’s still $15,000 and $7,500 income per month respectively in regards to the above examples. This, for the majority of our trading community, is more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle living life on your own rules. Much more realistic than if you wanted to achieve the same financial returns via trading your own personal account.

The alternative option is that you continue to slog away on your own small personal account. You take ALL the risk and then you are left with what? Best case is fairly small growth. Little to no realistic chance to live off your profits. Don’t get me wrong its an admirable thing to accomplish but we have to stress to you that this is not the most efficient way forward. Trading on your own personal account is primarily for building experience, confidence and results. Now you have done that it’s time to step up and reach bigger goals. So sign up to our ‘Learn to Trade A Fund’ course TODAY where we will show you the various routes you can take to access more capital. Routes that are available to you TODAY. One thing that the Coronavirus situation has told us is that in order to obtain the future life we want, we have to create it. You can take that first important step today via the link below: 

Your success is our success and we can’t wait to celebrate the first batch of traders from our community to become full blown fund managers! The question is, will you be one of them?!


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