WHY do you want to trade?!

Dear traders,

Whenever someone says to me that they want to trade, my first question back is always WHY? But why do I ask them WHY?! It’s because the answer to the WHY normally confirms to me whether they will make it as a successful trader long term. If their reasons WHY for becoming a trader are big enough, strong enough and meaningful enough then I will wholeheartedly encourage them to go for it as I know they have a strong driving force to push them to their goals. However, if they just want to do it for the wrong reasons I am more inclined to steer them down another path as its likely that when the going gets tough (as it does for us traders at times) they are more likely to quit.  

In this week’s video I run through the importance of having a strong purpose/strong why’s for trading and the factors you need to consider when thinking about them. Using my own very personal reasons for wanting to become a full time trader, I illustrate how they kept me pushing forwards towards my trading goals through the good times and the bad and how they still keep me highly motivated to this day. 

When your reasons for becoming a successful trader are so strong, your likelihood of achieving success is much greater. I firmly believe that it was my strong why’s which got me to where I am today. Many times in the early days did I want to give up but every time I did I revisited the reasons for wanting to become a trader and it got me back on track by re-inspiring and re-invigorated me. It will do exactly the same for you. Only this week did I have coaching sessions with a couple of students. Both are fantastic guys but more so their reasons for wanting to become a successful trader are so compelling that I know it’s just a matter of time before they can justify leaving their current roles and trading full time. 

On a separate note, and back to the trading side of things, I have also uploaded some more live trade examples to again re-inforce a lot of the content I have been introducing over the past few months. Please see below for the links:



On a final note, another small plug for my course J!! I am delighted to have seen students of the course this month taking full advantage of what they have learned. One lovely lady (as you will see on the reviews) took over 160 pips on Thursday! In addition, I have added further content since the launch including more live trade videos, bonus content and ongoing market commentary. The link below takes you through to the course landing page. Now the vacation month is out the way, let’s get cracking!! 



Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend and best wishes for the new trading month of September. 

Best wishes 

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  • Philip Welch

    Hello Tom,

    Another great educational video. Fits well with your recent starting a business video.

    A question about your mentoring service. Is your mentoring service aimed primarily at people who trade the FX market? or traders in general. The reason I ask is that I spread bet the Dax.


    Philip Welch

    • Tom

      Hey Philip

      Sorry to have only just replied. Have had some issues with spam comments which has meant finding the legitimate comments has been a little difficult.

      I have sent you a direct email, hope you got it ok.




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