So you want to become a trader. Great, but WHY?

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So in the last video we looked at the pro’s and con’s of trading as a career. For some of you this would have sent you running away in fear (which is absolutely fine, I hope you go and find a career in something that lights your internal fire) but for others it would have further ignited a passion for trading. For those still keen on taking their next steps in trading, we want to now get you thinking about WHY you want to trade. Not the monetary or materialistic reasons but the more deep rooted and powerful reasons that will motivate you through the inevitable good and bad times along the journey to becoming a pro trader.

Today’s video is another one from the archives which is old in date but highly relevant in its messages. We talk you through why having strong reasons for trading is so vital, the WHY’s we personally had on our journey, and how you can start to figure out your very own motivations. DO NOT underestimate the powerful of having a strong WHY/PURPOSE for trading. It could be the difference between success and failure. Not just in trading but in any of life’s tough endeavors.

I hope the video helps and, as always, if you want some support along your trading journey then we would suggest you take a look at our ‘7 figure online trader programme’ where we guide you, across 3 comprehensive online courses, from novice to professional fund trader:

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