When the going gets tough, keep going…

Good afternoon,
A friend of mine sent me the photo above yesterday that I not only thought was funny, but also very powerful in the message it portrayed.
Why do we often get the 80:20 rule across many of life’s endeavours. Where 80% fail and 20% succeed. Below are just some examples:
GYM – 20% of people who sign up for a membership reach their fitness goals, 80% give up within a few months.
BUSINESS – 20% of new businesses become profitable and successful. 80% fail within 12 months.
TRADING – 20% make money on a consistent basis. 80% don’t.
[subscribelocker] Why does this 80:20 rule apply so often? Well the simple and brutal fact is that humans by their very nature are lazy. We want to achieve great things without working too hard to get them. It’s this mentality that causes us to give up when the going gets a little tough. I see it all the time with my coaching of newbie traders, I see it when I go to the gym, I see it everywhere. By seeing this, whenever I take on a new challenge I accept up front that I need to keep going especially when it seems like the challenge is just too hard.
Like the picture depicts…It is often when a person is so close to achieving their goal that they give up on it.
Treat adversity with respect and accommodate it as the best feelings are most often after an uncomfortable or difficult period. Read through most of my blog’s you will see that I illustrate using examples of successful people. They all have the trait of pushing themselves through the tough times to realise their goals…the Olympic athletes, the businessmen and women, the traders, they all share this trait in common. It no coincidence that all these successful people act in a similar way. The common traits that they all show compound their success.
To help me get through tough times in pursuit of my goals, I constantly visualise me already having achieved the end goal before I actually have done. This provides the motivation, the excitement and the push that I need when I am having thoughts of quitting/giving up. My best example of this was when I ran the London Marathon. During my training, each run was getting longer and more challenging, the winter had arrived and I was working long hours in my job. It was a constant battle with my inner voice urging me to give up. However visualising myself crossing the finish line, raising the money for charity and the personal pride of accomplishment would always give me that injection of energy when I needed it most.
So next time you set yourself a goal, visualise yourself completing it whenever you have that self doubt, or inner voice trying to talk yourself out of it. This can really help you to keep going when the going gets tough and seeing goals through to the very end.
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  • Mick Blacker

    Hi Tom, great words as always.
    It reminds me of that immortal sentence spoken by Churchill………
    ‘If you’re going through hell,keep going’


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