What does the route to trading for a living look like?

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Over the past several weeks we have explored the many advantages of becoming a trader. With your interest sparked you might now quite rightly be thinking about what it really takes to become a successful full time trader, making their full time living from their trading activities. If so then this video is for you as we illustrate a realistic journey to trading full time, using our own personal journey of going from part-time bedroom trader to full time professional fund trader.

The video also discusses the 3 main stages that every new trader will go through on the path to trading a 5, 6 or even +7 figure account. It will help you better understand the individual stepping stones you will have to take, and why each one is so important, but it will also get you looking at the bigger picture. We hope seeing the bigger picture, with the potential of eventually becoming a +7 figure fund trader yourself, will help motivate and inspire you through the inevitable difficult early stages of learning and mastering your trading skills.

As always, if you want some support along your trading journey (to help smooth out and speed up the process) then we would suggest you take a look at our ‘7 figure online trader programme’ where we guide you, across 3 comprehensive online courses, from novice to professional fund trader. Link below:


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