Video Blog – The Power of Divergence

Divergence is a technical clue which I use most in my trading due to it”s powerful nature of predicting a strong reversal in a market.


Combined with other technical factors, divergence has the ability to deliver incredible reward to risk trades by capturing aggressive reversals in a market.


In this week’s video we go into a little more detail on divergence using the FTSE100 and Gold as recent trade examples which have been spotted well in advance and traded for impressive returns.


Using divergence in your own trading has the potential to increase profits significantly.


  • David

    Another fantastic video Tom! I thought you’d forgot about a ‘Stochastic Video’ but you came through in the end! Last week has been my best week since I started back in Oct 13. It is all to do with your videos, I truly mean that. I have gotten more from your videos than my £2000 course! Up 5% in 1 week trading the GBP pairs using Divergence linked in with other factors. Good retail figures did help too. I’ve trailed my stops and I’m holding out for a 5% on all 4 trades. I can’t thank you enough. Your presentation skills, assertiveness and simplicity is just ..brilliant.
    I cannot wait for the ‘Hidden Divergence’ video and ‘Fib’ video. When I’m a millionaire I will owe it mostly to you! In the 5 months of trading I nearly gave up twice then I found you. I was re-born!!! Thank you once again. A true Hero.

    • Tom

      Hey David… Wonderful news, that is a great result… Keep up the good work…I am delighted the videos are helping so much…you owe me a beer then when you make it to the £1m mark 🙂


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