Video Blog – Mastering Fibonacci – Helping you to get an efficient entry into the market…

Hi Traders!

Getting into a trade efficiently can be one of the most challenging components of trading. We can have strong conviction on which currency pairs to buy or sell but knowing WHEN to get into the trade can be the tricky thing. You can get the direction right and still lose money because of getting the timing wrong. For me, one of my favorite tools for helping me enter a market at an efficient time and an efficient price is the Fibonacci retracement tool. It is a fantastic tool for ensuring efficiency into a market but can take time to master. Like most things in trading, it is more of an art than a science so practice is the fastest route to mastery. I have put together a short video which I hope helps you achieve this sooner rather than later.


  • Gavin

    Found the risk on/risk off video blog very helpful. Thanks Tom

    • Tom

      Excellent stuff! Can sometimes be challenging to trade when a market shifts from one to the other so by understanding which condition we are in can really help with what pairs to select.


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