Video Blog – How to trade markets that don’t pull back…?

Hello Traders,

We have seen some large, one directional moves since 2015 kicked off so my expectations of 2015 being the year for FX is certainly proving to be the case. I hope you are taking full advantage!

Markets which trend hundreds of pips a month are music to the eyes and ears of a forex trader however sometimes markets, when they are simply moving in one direction on the higher time frames, give no clear or decent pull backs to enter for a better price. This has clearly been a challenging component for many, having received several emails about the topic. It has also led to much of my annoyance this week, several trades came within a whisker of my orders before then sinking several hundred pips.

So what do you do in these instances? Well in this weeks video I run through several approaches to ponder. Each naturally with its pro’s and con’s but I hope it gives you food for thought and then allows you to devise a plan to take advantage of the movements we are likely to continue seeing for the next several months at least.

On a separate note, I wanted to make you aware of my trade alert / mentoring service which is now available via my website following this link I have put this together for those of you looking for more comprehensive, day to day guidance from myself.

Until we speak next

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  • David

    Oh you’ve moved over to MT4. Esignal is too expensive!!

    • Tom

      Haha yes e-signal is becoming a dying breed amongst my readers so I have buckled to popular demand 🙂

  • peter john smith

    A great article. This would help a lot of traders.


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