Video Blog – Are your stop losses being hunted?

Hello Traders, ever taken a trade/s based on solid reasons only to see yourself get stopped out before the trade then goes on to do as you had initially anticipated? I am pretty sure that it would have happened to you on more than one occasion. This is a process/concept called stop hunting. Now being stopped out is part of trading and a key element to our risk management however sometimes a badly placed stop loss can ironically create losses. So we have to be tactful in where our stop losses are placed to help us avoid times when large institutions actively hunt commonly placed stops to free up liquidity/orders for their own positions.

In this week’s video I go through the concept of stop hunting, what it is and why it happens. I review a recent trade taken by myself and sent out on the alert service where I actively used the stop hunt concept to my advantage. 

On a separate note, I am pleased to confirm that I have now concluded a couple of projects I was working on so have re-committed time to a small number of 1-2-1 coaching sessions. If you are interested in this, wonderful, and what I would first like to do is have a 15-20 minute chat over Skype to discuss the suitability of coaching for you and to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in coaching please contact me via email at to arrange a Skype call next week. As an added incentive, I will also include the daily reports and weekly analysis video for the whole time we are working together.

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  • paul

    Hi Tom, thanks for this overview… I hadn’t realised the markets could be moved like this – I guess I’m still learning a lot. It definitely explains my analysis on a couple of trades I’ve placed. As always, much appreciated.

    • Tom

      Hey Paul, no worries. Yeah you will see this happen all the time. Not every time but a great number of times. Knowing what it is and why it happens is the first task then its all about taking advantage of them when they arise and setup in conjunction with your directional bias on the trade. Best, Tom

  • Gavin

    Thanks Tom, I just wanted to echo Paul’s message. Really interesting. Many thanks indeed.

    • Tom

      Glad you found it interesting and get to use it to your advantage going forward, best wishes Tom


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