Understanding your true PURPOSE

Good afternoon all,
After being hounded by many of you to write a new post, I finally buckled! Apologies for taking so long, I am in the midst of several new and exciting trading projects which are taking most of my time. So I have forced myself to take a break to write my next blog.
[subscribelocker] What I want to concentrate on today is PURPOSE. The WHY we are trading, what the bigger, more meaningful picture is for us. As a trader, we exaggerate our emotions every day, through the process of trading. We all know what it feels like when you have a bad patch (which this month I am experiencing), you go through no end of emotions – angry, sad, frustrated, fearful, mad etc…Now this is a critical time to respond positively to a difficult period in our trading (an inevitable event).
What I find really helps me is going back to my true purposes for trading. In the early days I was driven heavily by the tangible, materialistic items such as the nice cars, holidays, clothes etc…Now this is fine, but it wasn’t until I identified the more meaningful, intangible purposes that I became very grounded with my trading. The purpose of creating a legacy and being remembered for services to trading, being able to support loved one’s, creating financial stability to be able to support a family. All these deep rooted motivations provided real drive for me and ensure that I keep on track, EVEN when I have difficult time in the markets.
Trading is financially very rewarding and can allow you to get in tune with your inner wealth. The greatest example of this was when I was able to fund a holiday for my parents with my trading profits. The feeling that I got from this far exceeded any materialistic thing that I have purchased just for me.
So what you need to do, is start to dig a bit deeper into the true motivations which can really drive you forward, no matter what obstacles are in the way, both in trading and life in general.
Happy Trading

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  • Helen

    Excellent blog! It’s astonishing how with this blog you inspired Viv to write her amazing article!

    It’s fascinating how sometimes relationships work – you never know how, when and to what extend you affect another person’s life and consequently because of it, Viv affects even more lives by sharing her experiences and inspiring others! You must be proud of your close friend Viv and how she is helping others to achieve their lifetime goals and dreams! Thanks to both of you – Tom & Viv – for being such a dream team in inspiring people!

    Look forward to reading an article written by both of you or even better a book – it must be a WOW inspiring experience for your readers! I’m sure you and Viv thought about it and hope it comes out soon. It will be an inspirational teamwork that will affect so many lives in a positive and astonishing way! Can’t wait – I’ll buy the first copy with yours’ and Viv’s autographs! 🙂


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