Understanding & trading market turmoil successfully!

Hello Traders, 

Its feels like an age since I last produced a video blog so I thought now would be a perfect time, given the recent market turmoil, to produce one where I dissect what has been happening, WHY it has been happening and most importantly, how we can successfully trade through these conditions now and in the future. 

Fear and uncertainty around the global economic outlook has led to all out panic across stock markets, commodities and fx markets as large scale investors and traders move money between asset classes. It may seem a little chaotic and unpredictable on the surface but, if you dig a little deeper, you will find that the past 6 weeks have provided a continuous, predictable and therefore highly profitable stream of trading opportunities. In this weeks video, I take you through the key steps of firstly understanding the drivers of the market turmoil, then secondly identifying the spill over into the FX markets and finally how to pinpoint the highest probability currency pairs to trade. 

To back all this up, I want to further showcase some more success stories from current course/mentoring clients whom have been following the guidelines in the video, and profiting from these moves: 

Morning Tom, 

Just wanted to say thank you for these insightful reports, I traded AUDJPY and CADJPY and took several hundred pips over the last couple of days– all by pairing strong against weak currencies. 

I don’t get much time to trade the news items but that one piece of powerful information has changed my trading habits and I now will look to tie technical in against these fundamental weak v strong pairs. 


Steve.B, UK

Hi Tom 

Just an update in case you think I may given up! 

Things have been a bit busy recently which means I haven’t been at the charts as much as I would like.  However, I do review all your updates and look at trades I would probably have taken had I been in front of my screen. 

It’s quite remarkable how my view on trading has changed since the beginning of the year when I joined your course and mentoring service.  I never realised the collation between CAD & Oil, NZD and Milk, JPY and risk on/ risk off, Weak v Strong etc etc.  I now seem to be an Oil/CAD trader!  Where did that come from?  There is so much more clarity on why the market moves, which in turn gives much more confidence in your trades. 

With a bit more time today, but not as much as would have liked, I’m 55 pips up on various CAD trades. 

I did have a small loss on buying Cable on the news of “constructive” euro meetings, but cut it when it didn’t do as expected straight away.  I should have stuck with it, however, as my conservative target was hit.  My concern was the uncertainty in trading GBP, which I guess was not a bad thing.  At least I did read the potential trade correctly. 

Thanks for all the effort you put into your mentoring service.  I’m sure it’s very much appreciated by your “students”. 

Steve.C, UK

Hi Tom 

I happened to be on the charts and saw this crazy move. I looked at the stock markets and they had no impulse whatsoever but JPY pairs just spiked like anything. I was like ‘what the hell to safe haven’ & then your email popped up which explains it all 

Thanks a ton, I wish I joined your course and mentoring service 5 years back when I had all the time on Earth. No regrets ! 

Arun, India


Just a quick note to say that I took a buy trade on EURCAD mid afternoon yesterday for all the reasons that you mentioned in your summary below. The fact that I took the trade for all the right reasons meant more than the pips that I made.  I am obviously learning and wanted to say thanks.

All the best
Alan, UK 

Ps that CAD/JPY trade has now got me over the 5% mark for the month of Feb now..Long may it continue mate 🙂

I bet you’ve smashed your goals for this month too already mate.. And it’s supposed to be a quiet week… 

Paul, UK 

Hi Tom 

Glad to say I bagged nearly 1% today watching the WTI and SP 500. Used as an indicator to sell CAD/JPY and CAD/CHF. 


Glynn, UK  

As you know, I am incredibly proud of the ‘learn to trade the news’ course and mentoring service, as they are helping so many of my clients better understand and, better able to take advantage of, the FX markets. Both remain readily available to access via the links below, if you do decide to join: 


Wishing you continued prosperous trading. 

Best wishes
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