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So you want to become a trader. Great, but WHY?

Today’s video is another one from the archives which is old in date but highly relevant in its messages. We talk you through why having strong reasons for trading is so vital, the WHY’s we personally had on our journey, and how you can start to figure out your very own motivations…

How to grow your money?

Today marks my 36th birthday. An age which feels a little strange as whilst its certainly not old, I am definitely no spring chicken either! As often happens when a new year ends and a new one begins, it provides a great opportunity to reflect on the past and to plan for the future. Whilst reflecting on my personal trading/investing specifically, one thing that strikes me hard once again (and is something that is getting more pronounced as the years pass) is the importance of starting early. And so today’s blog post is going to be tackling the concept of starting early when it comes to trading/investing, and why its so, so important…READ MORE

What is forex trading?

Last weekend I recently struck up a conversation with a friend of my wife’s whom I had never met before and, as is often the case, it didn’t take long before we moved into discussing what each one did for a job. Given my day to day conversations with forex traders, one can falsely come to the conclusion that everyone knows how to trade forex. However, after 5-10 minutes of passionately explaining my job as a forex trader, I could see the confused glaze running over this poor strangers eyes. It got me to thinking that many people don’t fully understand how forex trading works and so I’m going to take today’s blog as an opportunity to explain, in very high level and simple/Lehman’s terms, how forex markets are traded. This coming through the eyes of a forex trader but for the audience of non forex trader. I hope it helps those who are looking to become more familiar with our wonderful currency trading world 🙂 Read more…