Trading – Why it’s the best business model in the world!

Hi traders, 

As much as I like to manage traders expectations about the trading journey being a challenge I also like to take occasional opportunities, like now, to stress just how good becoming a trader can be. I am slightly biased but it is one of, if not the, best business model in the world. I have had a good solid trading week in the markets and it has just reinforced how much I love trading as a business and I want the video to explain exactly why. 

Sadly there is a lot of scepticism and misconception in trading. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, starting other more conventional business would be, in my opinion, a much greater risk. In the video, I review logically the competitive advantages to life as a trader has to many other businesses. 

I hope the video inspires you to either start your trading journey, continue it or re-establish it. 

Happy trading 



  • Zsolt Viczian

    Hi Tom,

    Brilliant and very thruth video, thanks for that!


    • Tom

      Hey Zsolt

      Lovely to hear from you, hope you are well.

      Glad you enjoyed the vid

      Best wishes


  • Gavin

    Thanks Tom, nice to have it re-enforced that trading is a business, like any other. As you say it can attract a lot of scepticism.

    • Tom

      Hey Gavin, yeah it does sadly and scepticism can prevent people from some fantastic opportunities, not just in trading. Its sound to be inquisitive to find out the facts about a particular pursuit, but scepticism can cause us to lose all interest which is a great shame.


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