Trading the news +40 pips in 5 minutes!!


Hi traders,
A quick summary video of a trade taken this afternoon to profit from recent data from the US.
The video discusses the reasons behind the trade (the trade plan), the entry criteria and the exit criteria.
It is also another powerful example of how my FXPro account, or more specifically my FXPro breaking news feed, provided me with stand-out trading opportunities generating +40 pips in just 5 minutes. The FXPro platform, alongside our online course on how to trade the news, is a fantastic combination for long term trading success.
The video shows once again how the news feed provided me with the breaking news I needed in order to take advantage of the AUD and EUR strength against a stronger USD seen recently.
These kind of opportunities are happening every single week and you too can look to take advantage of them however you will need to learn what to trade, when to trade and how to trade them. If this style of trading interests you, where you don’t need to use any technical approaches, then follow the link above for a taster.
Don’t want to wait any longer? Great, you can get cracking straight away with the full course here – 
Regarding my broker selection, as its a commonly asked question, FXPro is my suggested broker of choice. This is simply due to my own satisfied experience of using them and how their tools (as you will see in this and many other of our videos) give me a trading edge when trading the news. If you are debating which broker to use, or are looking for a replacement for your current broker then see below for links to open an account: 
Option 1 – To open a UK (FCA Regulated) Trading Account CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK 
Option 2 – For all other countries (CySec Regulated) Trading Account CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK 
Email me once you are fully set-up on the details below and we can put a plan together for how we can move forward positively on your trading journey together.
Best wishes
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