Trade Alert Service – Video Summary

Hello Traders, 

I have had the pleasure of welcoming a number of traders on board my trade alert / mentoring service over the past few weeks however some of you have understandably wanted a bit more detail surrounding the content included each month. Therefore, I have produced a short video summarising in a bit more detail, everything you will receive once subscribed. In addition I also review a recent testimonial from a client who has been successfully taking advantage of the service over the past few months to give you an insight as to what is possible. 

The reason for launching the service is purely in response to requests from my clients and subscribers and in general by being able to provide a solution to the common questions/challenges below that arise time and time again: 

1. How many times have you exited a trade based on fear or greed or lack of confidence or not been able to push the button and take the trade? With the alert service you will know in real time exactly what we trade, when we trade it, when we hold them and when we fold them, and all the reasons why. 

2. How many times have you missed a great trade by simply not being at your charts? My team and I monitor the markets throughout the day so you don’t have to. Just keep your phone close! 

3. How many times have you simply not known what currency pairs to focus on? We only trade what’s moving and this is driven by both technical and fundamental reasons. Trading what’s hot right now, and leaving what’s not, well alone. 

4. Sick of being taught the education but no live practical examples? We go straight for the jugular and send you real trades we are placing on our live accounts so you know it’s only the very best. We make money when you do. We lose money when you do. 

5. How many times have you desperately wanted an answer to a trading question but not been able to get the answer? We like to think that the level of support we give you (daily) means that we answer the question before it has the chance to be asked. Prevention being better than the cure. 

And this is simply the start. I have much more value to add to the service going forward so you are armed with the best tools and support network to take full advantage of the markets. 

As ever, please feel free to get in touch should you need any more questions answering. 

Best wishes


  • ken

    Hi Tom
    Just watched your latest blog, does your text alert work in ireland.


    • Tom

      Hi there Ken

      Hope you got my email OK. Yes the service works in Ireland fine.

      Hopefully welcome you on-board soon 🙂


  • James

    Hi Tom,

    Really pleased you have finally got around to doing your own thing! I have just signed up so looking forward to trading with you more closely over the next few months…


    • Tom

      Hi James

      Thanks for the note…you should have received my welcome email/video by now. If not then please drop me a line.

      Looking forward to supporting you on your trading journey




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