The power of understanding & trading the news

Hi traders, 

I wasn’t planning to do a video blog this weekend but it has been such an interesting trading week that I wanted to share my weekly analysis video with you so I can explain exactly why. 

My intra day trading style is an amalgamation of technical based set-up’s taken in line with underlying fundamental reasons. However sometimes I will just ignore the technical’s and use the breaking news feed / economic calendar to provide me with real time opportunities, as was the case this week. 

In this video, I digest and dissect the major market moving events to explain why certain currency pairs moved the way they did and how I acted upon them to take advantage so you can begin to see and understand the process. 

I also share with you some of my flaws and areas I need to improve on, to give you confirmation that no matter where we are with our trading we will always have areas for improvement. 

Now it’s quite a long video, so grab a comfy chair, a cup of coffee and sit back to digest some very powerful information which will no doubt give you a very interesting insight into the world of trading economic news events. 

Best wishes 

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