The journey to trading for a living!

Hello traders, 

Following on from my video ”Trading – Why it’s the best business model in the world!” I have had many of you ask about what it takes to trade for a living / trade full time. So I have recorded a video to address just that! 

7 years ago I started my trading journey as a complete novice and I have since gone on to trade full time and manage multi million fund programmes. This is not to brag or boast but rather to confirm that I have lived and breathed the trader journey and know what it takes to go from novice to professional. 

My experience confirms that there are 3 key stages a trader must go through before being able to trade for a living. In the video I go through each stage in the journey and also back up each area with illustrations from my own path as well as the results I gained to help me kick on to bigger and better things. 

I hope the video provides you with the clarity on what it takes. It is certainly not easy, it will be a huge challenge and it will take time and money to nail it. But the end goal is all worth it. 

I also hope the video inspires and motivates you to kick on with your trading career, where ever you currently may be. 

To your continued trading success 



  • Gavin

    Thanks Tom, great video blog; really motivating..

  • Mike Meyrick

    Hi Tom, great video, thanks for posting 🙂


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