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So in our last video we discussed the trading journey and what it takes to become a successful trader. Well that’s all well and good but its fairly generic and without any evidence to back it up. It’s walking the walk and we would much prefer to talk the talk with case studies. So over the coming months we will be showcasing a number of our successful students who have followed the journey, learned from our experience/teachings and have gone on to become fantastic traders in their own right.

Today we start with our long term student Wayne who, over the course of his specific journey, went from losing money to breaking-even to then finally cracking it and achieving over +100% account growth. The video allows Wayne to explain more about his path and the secrets to his success.

As always, if you want some support along your trading journey (to help smooth out and speed up the process) then we would suggest you take a look at our ‘7 figure online trader programme’ where we guide you, across 3 comprehensive online courses, from novice to professional fund trader. Link below:

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