Student Success Story. +10% per month & now a fund trader!

Traders, meet Richard.

Richard joined us as a student back in late 2018 and, as you will see in the video, has gone onto to achieve great things with his personal trading. Now he is making the exciting next step to becoming a fund trader starting on $50k with the ability to move up to $1m over the coming months should he hit pre-set targets.

My question now is that if Richard can do it, why can’t you? Richard is proof in the pudding that you can go from knowing nothing about forex trading to eventually (with time and dedication) becoming a fund manager. So if this video inspires and motivates you to follow a similar path then you can start your journey today. We have now put our 3 main courses together into a ‘bundle’. It includes:

1. Learn to Trade The News course

2. Learn to Trade The Technicals course

3. Learn to Trade A Fund course

This way you have everything you need to take your trade from a part time hobby to a full time career. You can access these right away via the link below:  

We look forward to helping you become the next ‘Richard’…


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