Should you trade technically, fundamentally or both?

Hello Traders,

There are many different approaches to trading the markets but essentially can be broken down into two – technical based trading and fundamental based trading. I have recently been having a number of interesting debates with peers, clients and colleagues about the best route to trading success. Is it by purely trading technically, or what about using the fundamentals to gain an edge or what about a combination of the two?

There are pro’s and con’s to each but for me, without a shadow of a doubt, it is a combination of both. Without one or the other I feel that a trader is missing a huge part of the puzzle. In this weeks video I explain how I use both technical and fundamental trading to powerful effect, using a couple of real trade examples taken over the past couple of weeks to illustrate.

When put together effectively, a sound fundamental based directional approach with an efficient technical entry/exit system, you have a powerful team for trading.

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  • Paul Cope

    Great explanation Tom, I see exactly what you mean now with regards combining both approaches. Speak soon

    • Tom

      Hey Paul

      Glad it made sense, sometimes it does in my head but never sure if that comes across in the videos so pleased it does! 🙂

      Getting the fundamentals for selection of currency pair and direction, with the precision of entry from technicals, is a powerful team for trading.

      Best wishes



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