Should you become a trader? Watch this video before making a decision!

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Hi traders, 

Ever considered learning to trade? Thought about what life would be like as a full time trader? Worried and uncertain about the downsides of trading? Well then before you do anything else, watch this video where I provide an unbiased break down of the 5 worst and 5 best things about being a trader (based on over +10 years of being a full time trader).

This video blog is from back in 2014 but the content is just as valid today. With the Coronavirus situation causing people to reflect on their work situation now more than ever, we have been inundated with people asking about life as a full time trader so we hope this video gives you a good, balanced argument.

If you find that trading isn’t going to be a good fit for you, great. Move on and find something that is. If however trading is something that excites you then we would suggest you take a look at our ‘7 figure online trader programme’ where we guide you, across 3 comprehensive online courses, from novice to professional fund trader:

Prosperous trading,


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Risk Disclaimer! Forex, Futures, Options trading, and any such derivatives, can be highly leveraged and carry a large amount of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please do not trade with more money than you can afford to lose. All content (news, views, analysis, research, trade ideas, commentary, videos or articles) on this channel does not constitute ‘investment advice’. Past performance is for indicative purposes only and is not an indication of or a guarantee of future results.



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