New Video Blog – What is a realistic monthly trading return?

Hello Traders, a question I must get asked 2-3 times a week by aspiring traders is how much is a realistic profit target to aim for each month.  Now it seems a simple question to answer but there are so many considerations to take into account which once done so can give you a more realistic, personalised target to aim for. 

In this week’s video I go through some key questions that you will need to answer before developing a rough guide as to how much realistically you should be aiming for. Armed with this guide it is much more likely to focus you, motivate you and more importantly give you the opportunity to achieve it. As humans we can sometimes set unrealistic targets (in many endeavours) which even though are aimed to push us forward, actually end up doing the opposite and leaving us flat, demotivated and likely to give up. It is therefore important to remember that the greatest journeys start with the first small steps.

The great thing with trading, and using compounding, that even the smallest of monthly returns can build into some incredible long term growth and which makes the upfront effort more than worthwhile. 

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  • Gavin Kingcome

    Thanks Tom, Great video blog. Really helpful, as always.

    • Tom

      No worries Gavin, Happy Easter matey

  • paul cope

    Thanks for the insight Tom. Useful to help me keep things in perspective at the start of my Forex journey, appreciated.

    • Tom

      Pleasure Paul 🙂


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