New client interview – Quitting his job and becoming a full time trader!

Hello Traders, 

You will no doubt remember the blog we sent out at the start of July titled ‘Trader Life – Sun, Sea and selling Sterling’ (click on the title to view again) which was based on the case study of one of our mentoring members, Lourens. Here we documented how he was fully harnessing the power of the trading business model by travelling around the world and trading in the backdrop of some of the most stunning locations. The only downside to this was the annoyance that he always had to come back home to his day job! Well we are delighted to say that this is now all about to change in the coming months as he sits at the cusp of becoming a full time trader, reaching the landmark goal he set out on achieving when he first started his trading journey. Well we say full time, its more likely to continue being part time fitted around his continued travels!

So following on from this extremely popular blog post, where we were inundated with comments from you about how you were keen to do the same (we don’t blame you one bit!), this led us to conducting a more comprehensive 1-2-1 interview/chat to get some more detail behind Lourens impressive progress/journey.

During the interview you will discover, amongst other things, how Lourens: 

– Has been trading since 2009 BUT only after learning about the fundamentals, and joining the mentoring service, has he been able to achieve consistent results
– Obtained this consistency in his results and how it cemented the all important confidence to hand in his notice at work and make the big, bold step into a career as a trader
– Has been saving up a sizeable pot of trading capital so that his expected returns can comfortably support his new and improved lifestyle
– Took time to get his head around the fundamentals but how continued daily practice built experience and eventually paid dividends i.e. it wasn’t all plain sailing
– Harnesses technology to trade and travel the world at the same time!
– Now spends LESS time trading, and earning MORE, than he ever did as a purely technical based trader
– Plans to work his new trading career ‘around’ his next big travel adventure 
– And much much more…

As you know from previous blogs, our objective with any client interview we undertake is to help motivate, inspire and energise you in your pursuit of your trading goals as nothing seems to hit home with more impact than a good old dose of social proof and so we hope this latest video has the desired effect as there is absolutely no reason why you can’t follow a similar journey. 

Now we are of course delighted and very proud to have played a key role in helping Lourens get to his end goal via the course and daily mentoring support. Stories like this are what motivate us and drive us to continue providing a service which helps our members transform their trading to the point where they can seriously consider a main career as a trader. 

With that we want to make you aware that there is just one week left to obtain the mentoring service at its current price before it rises again. We feel that there is no better time, with the current ‘back to school’ learning/education mentality, to jump on board and take your trading to the next level. To ensure that you take advantage of the current rate before it rises (and for the whole time you are on the service) CLICK HERE

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Looking forward to helping create the next batch of full time traders! 

p.s More similar interviews, of other traders embarking on a full time career in trading, to come in the next few weeks. 

Until we speak next

Best wishes
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