My Favourite Broker & Why

Hello Traders, 

Ever since I published the video ”What TYPE of trading broker should I use?” on the 30th May I have been inundated with traders asking me who my recommended broker is. Forgive me if I have yet to reply but I had so many requests that I decided to do a video giving a detailed summary as to WHY a certain broker is my favourite. The last thing I want to do is suggest a broker without giving detailed and logical reasoning. 

I have used an abundance of trading brokers over the past 7 years. Some were good, some were bad and some were pretty ugly however one has stood out head and shoulders above the rest – FXPro. In this latest video I explain why they are my favourite retail broker and why I am happy to suggest them to my clients, subscribers and peers. I have had no issues with their trading execution, their platform is excellent and they have an abundance of tools which help me massively in my trading. Remember that your choice of broker CANNOT be underestimated. It can literally make or break your trading performance. 

To take things one step further, I have set-up an agreement/group with FXPro which allows me to track those of you who have opened an account using the links below. I am not privy to any information other than you have joined the ‘Springboard Group’. As you will see in the video this will allow me to support your trading further, using several unique features which FXPro offer. So to set yourself up with an account and have yourself added to the group, please see below: 

Option 1 – To open a UK (FCA Regulated) Trading Account CLICK HERE

Option 2 – For all other countries (CySec Regulated) Trading Account CLICK HERE

Please do bear in mind that I am basing my recommendation on my own excellent personal experience of using FXPro. As with choosing any broker, please do you own due diligence to ensure you are happy.

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  • Gavin Kingcome

    Brilliant video; thanks Tom

  • Raj

    Hi there,

    Should be pick fixed spread or floating?

    • Tom

      Hi Raj

      Floating spreads would be more beneficial as they generally drop much lower during more volatile/liquid times i.e.around news announcements which is preferential

      Best wishes



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