Market Watch – and as expected, the markets come back to life!

Did you catch the moves highlighted in last week’s video? 

February started very quietly but as we discussed last week, this doesn’t tend to last that long. Last week saw the resumption of volatility and almost every setup we looked at last week triggered, so I do hope you are showing a good profit so far, with more likely to come next week. 

This week, I run through the trades taken last week, to show the power and importance of positive reward to risk when trading. 


  • David

    Thanks for the video last week Tom and this recap. Like I said on youtube I’ve tightened my stop using 60 min charts and letting the EURGBP and GBPCAD run. I was thinking the other day day about factoring in spread when placing orders and stops as price may never actually get to a certain level yet your broker certainly gets there!! So you’ve confirmed that idea for me. Since finding your blog I do feel this has ‘springboarded’ a very frustrated and lost trader…so once again THANK YOU!!

    • Tom

      Excellent news, 2 great trades you have there and they look like they could continue nicely during this week too…

      That’s what the blog’s for, to provide those light bulb moments which can take your trading to a much higher level.

      Hone the skills that will enable you to successfully trade the markets and set you up for life. The 1.4% you made last week just on those two trades, when compared to any comparative investment vehicle, is incredible. Your key objective now is to try and continue this form most weeks to show a good healthy ROI in 10 months time.

      Best wishes


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