Looking forward to the week ahead…?

I speak to many people who dread the end of the weekend and that dull, sick feeling that often accompanies the thought of a Monday morning back at work….
I used to get this feeling don’t get me wrong, that was until I decided to follow my heart rather than my head in regards to my chosen career, trading and coaching people to trade. It was a big decision to make a risky one at that, giving up the security of a full time profession in Marketing for a very black and white career of trading. Black and white in the sense that your results/performance provide you with an income or not. However the underlying passion for trading has meant that I see everyday as a fantastic opportunity to make good money. This makes me feel alive, not knowing what is around the corner.
[subscribelocker] I am consistently out of my comfort zone and this keeps me fresh, alert, and eager for the new week to start. Being comfortable isn’t for me, I need a challenge everyday, which once overcome, provides me with immense internal satisfaction and a thirst for more of the same.
The key message here….if you are not happy with what you are doing, and dread every new week…then ask yourself what would you would love to do….go with it…take a calculated risk and love life…your career is too long to not enjoy it.
I have never been a fluffy or soft kind of guy but I have genuinely learnt that by following your heart…backed up with some mental logic…is the best form of decision making.
Listen to that inner voice, sometimes they can make a lot of sense.
Here’s to a great week ahead for all.

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