Looking forward AND back

I sit here writing the blog in my back garden, making the most of the remaining day’s sunshine reflecting on what has been some week.
A busy weekend has encapsulated everything that is brilliant about life, great weather, delicious food, great company and time with the close family which I am delighted to say is soon to be extended with news of a fourth niece or nephew to be added in a few months time. It’s moments like this that make you realise that life moves at a rapid rate and encourages you sit back and take a look at your own personal life and how you are doing against plan/goals.
[subscribelocker] Last week I made the decision to scale back on my current workload to focus on the current goal I have of managing a fund / managing money for others. This was a HUGE goal that I set myself 3 years ago when I first began trading and now I am merely a month away from being ready to roll this out and thus it made me want to introduce a blog on goal setting.
When I was younger I was constantly reminded of the importance of goal setting but never saw true value in doing so as I was always so vague and never specified what the goal really was. My goal setting then completely flipped on it’s head when I spent time under the guide of a great mentor. They got me to visualize the goal as though it was already achieved. This triggered something inside which gave me a belief that my goals were possible. I did exactly this with my football, seeing myself after a game, man of the match, on the winning side, accepting the plaudits of the supporters. This game me such a great feeling that I did everything in my power to ensure that this outcome was achieved each week and that I went the extra mile to achieve this. This was mirrored with the London Marathon, seeing myself crossing the line under my target time, in front of friends, family and thousands of spectators. I also did the same with my trading, seeing myself month after month achieving positive growth on my account giving me the one thing I yearned for, not the money but simply the freedom of choice to do what I wanted. This triggered the desire to seek the education, spend time with more advanced traders and become a master of my art.
Now everything isn’t as plain sailing as it may seem with goal setting. I would be a fool to think this. Goal’s, by there very nature have to be stretching. Achievable but stretching so that you are growing as an individual. When you are stretched then you have to accept the rough with the smooth therefore you need to use everything in your power to keep you focused and motivated to keep striving for goal accomplishment. The greatest illustration I have for this is with running. I am fortunate to have one of the most inspiring running routes around, along the river Thames, taking in many of the capital’s facinating landmarks. I was running a while back when this really key lesson struck me. Granted, with goals we need to LOOK FORWARD as they are an item to be acheived in the future. And this is key, as humans, we must look to the future to drive us forwards and to prevent us from being caught in a state of inertia. However along this journey it is critical, that you LOOK BACK at all that you have achieved to keep you motivated, hungry and determined to reach your end point. With my running, I use the Battersea Power Station as my end goal. Now when I first start my run, this seem’s so far away and on a dull, rainy, windy evening this can sometimes feel a little too far however 30minutes into my run I always make a habit of simply turning around and looking back down the river at how far I have come. This immediately energises me due to the fact that I have already achieved so much. And all I did was simply turn my head. A simple action achieves considerable results.
The key lesson here is that when you are setting goals, make them real, bring them alive. Goals are put in place to stretch you so don’t expect them to be easy ensure that you are seeing every step to that goal as a positive milestone that will keep you moving forwards never sideways. Look back at what you have completed and you will be amazed at how this immediately motivates you. Just looking forward can lead to burn out, de-motivation and¬†disappointment.
I am in stage 2 of a 3 stage career goal. First stage was learning my craft of trading, second is now and managing not only my own captial but that of others (fund management). I have used my achievements in stage 1 (teaching, coaching, trading consistently, growing my own capital, helping others grow their capital) to keep me moving forward at a directed, energetic, motivated pace to stage 2. Stage 3 I will reveal later down the line.
As I wrap up, I listen carefully to the world around me and you can’t help but smile at how wonderful the British summer really can be.
Until my next blog, cheers

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