Inspiring Client Interview #1 – Paul, UK

Hello Traders, 

Today I take a step back and instead let one of my clients come to the fore. In today’s video I interview one of my top performing students, Paul, to get a deeper insight into how he has turned his trading results around in a few short months. I hope you find it as motivating and inspiring as it was to conduct and gives you some fresh impetus to really push yourself forward with your trading heading into the final few months of 2015.

Paul has been a student on the learn to trade the news course and daily mentoring service for several months now and has seen a sharp improvement in his results and it’s even surprised me with just how impressive his transformation has been. Its success stories like this that I am most proud of and it all links back to my core objective of creating a legacy of traders who go on to achieve not only their trading goals but in turn, some of their key financial and life goals. 

During the interview, you will discover: 

  • How Paul has moved from an inconsistent technical trader to consistent trading using both technical’s AND the fundamentals 
  • How he has gone from knowing zero about fundamentals to now being highly competent
  • How he is able to trade the news, even with a full time job
  • How learning about the fundamentals have turned his trading results around 
  • Why he feels that his main goal of becoming a full time trader is just around the corner
  • Some clear, practical suggestions on what to do to follow in his footsteps
  • And much much more…

And I am delighted to say that Paul isn’t the only student that has been doing incredibly well so I am busy preparing some more interviews over the next few months to bring you a diverse range of interviews. 

If you are keen to follow in Paul’s footsteps and jump aboard the course, then you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Whilst the daily mentoring service, which complements the course, can be subscribed to by CLICKING HERE. 

Until we speak next 

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