If you are not making mistakes, try harder!

Hello again 🙂
I hope you are all keeping well
In this blog post I want to focus on making mistakes. Being English, sadly there is a cultural stigma on making mistakes as it is often seen as failure. This couldn’t be further from the truth. However if we believe it to be true then not wanting to make a mistake can hold us back from really achieving what we are capable of.
[subscribelocker] Successful people are always pushing themselves outside their comfort zone in order to progress. Inevitably, working at this high level, we are prone to mistakes. However as I have mentioned before, mistakes are a wonderful way, perhaps the only way, to learn, evolve and develop. So if you are not making mistakes, and living in your comfort zone then you simply need to push yourself harder. A clear sign that you are building the right mindset for success is that you should ironically become uncomfortable being comfortable. I go stir crazy when my life is comfortable. This drives me to taking on more challenging projects, pushing myself further and further outside my comfort zone and never settling for average.
From working with many people over the past 5 years on their mindset, it is often the fear of failure which holds them back from pushing themselves outside their comfort zone. The cultural upbringing during our childhood is often to blame for the way we are conditioned to think negatively about making mistakes. Therefore we put the actions in place to avoid them rather than tackle them head on. This is sadly the key reason why so many people remain within their comfort zone all their lives.
I came across an article recently that I had read a long, long time ago, but which still resonates heavily with me. It was an article on the 10 regrets of the dying. As morbid as it may sound, it clarify’s for me why we should act now rather than have regrets later down the line. One of the major regrets was that they ‘never pursued their dreams and aspirations’. It saddens me to think that so many people will have this same regret, when there is no longer time to do anything about it.
Now is the time to take action. Understand what it is that you truly want to do in your life. What you want to achieve, and then set a plan of action to work towards this. It won’t be easy, it wont be smooth sailing, you will make many mistakes but taking the right attitude towards your mistakes, and treating them as positive feedback, then you will always be progressing towards your end goals.
Don’t be one of those people who never pursued their dreams and aspirations. 4 + years ago, I decided marketing was no longer for me and had an aspiration to be a financial markets trader. I took action, and 4 years and many many mistakes later, I am trading full time as well as living the life that I envisioned all those years ago. Had the fear of failure, the fear of making mistakes held me back I can assure you that I would be pretty miserable right now sitting in my comfort zone.
I wrote this blog primarily to help inspire a few people to follow their dreams. I have had some great feedback on how they are helping and it continues to motivate me to continue writing. I would love to increase my reach so if you feel someone you know could benefit please send them my link and get them to add their email address on the bottom right hand corner of the screen so that they are notified every time I post a new blog.
To your current and future successes.


  • David Brown

    This is a great posting Tom.� Well done. I will copy it and forward it as appropriate.

    I am an innovator and inventor, with some big discoveries to my name.� In addition to continuing my medical research work, and trading and investing (which are passions), I also now teach entrepreneurship at Cambridge University to aspiring CEOs of hi-tech start-up companies. It is truly inspiring to work with those people.� They are following their dream through thick and thin. It’s exactly what the world needs and about the only way out of the current economic mess.

    Maybe we will meet one day Tom. It would be good to meet you.� I have attached my biography so you can see what following my dreams has led to.

    Keep up the good work, and I am sure you will succeed with trading.

    Best wishes


  • Craig

    great blog entry Tom. I’m going through a bit of an uncomfortable period myself at present with lots of different responsibilities adding up with upcoming deadlines, and to top that just lost a handful of trades; one school-boy error and others just the acceptable losses that the market went the other way to what I thought. This has given me a bit more encouragement – especially with regard to the article you mentioned and your own determination to persevere with your new career choice (or rather lack of career and instead independence) – as I have a very different outlook to a lot of those around me. keep these coming!

  • Julio Pineiro

    No pain no gain!! great inspirational/motivational post :)) Keep it up.

  • steve

    I always get inspired by your posts Tom. I have also tried to never live in my comfort zone which has given me so many great successes and some spectacular failures. I can genuinely say to that once I had learned the lessons from my biggest failures I went on to enjoy greater success. I am now very slowly applying this principle to my trading.

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  • Gavin Kingcome

    Hi Tom, I’ve read this post two or three times now and It underscores so well the importance of making the most of one’s opportunities, and not giving up on them! Many thanks.

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