If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will! An update on the trading & travelling journey of Lourens!

Hello Traders,
You will no doubt remember the blog we sent out last September titled ‘New client interview – Quitting his job and becoming a full time trader!’ (click on the title to view again) which was based on the case study of one of our mentoring members, Lourens, who was fully harnessing the power of the trading business model by travelling around the world and trading in the backdrop of some of the most stunning locations. The only downside to this was the annoyance that he always had to come back home to his day job!
Well we are delighted to say that said client Lourens achieved his ultimate goal of becoming a full time trader late last year, quitting his job and reaching this huge landmark he set out on achieving when we first started our journey working together. In fact he has smashed his goal out the park, spending the majority of 2017 so far travelling, trading and having the time of his life. He set out what he wanted to do, went after it with unwavering commitment and is now enjoying the full fruits of his labour.
So following on from that extremely popular interview, where we have since been inundated with comments asking how his journey was going, we are delighted to get an update from the man himself live from the ski slopes of Japan! If this doesn’t inspire you then nothing will! See below for an email update and above to watch the video!
Hi Tom!
Greetings from Tokyo and the Asian Session!
I have been meaning to send you an email to touch base but this year has been pretty manic so far. I have set off on my 2 month break on the 7th of January with my first stop being the French Alps (The Three Valleys) for my first week of Snowboarding.
Trading that week was a little challenging because my chalet was nowhere near the the mountain so I could only really catch up on the reports and look at the charts in the evenings. Nevertheless, The Trump speech did not fail to deliver and I hit my weekly target in one evening.
Last week was easier as I had a bit more access to my charts (and daily reports) whilst travelling through France and Switzerland. The Theresa May speech & BoC Statement delivering the goods.
I arrived in Tokyo yesterday and will be here for the next 3 weeks (one week Tokyo exploring, two weeks up in Hakuba snowboarding). Trading the Asian session is certainly something new – I got my portable wifi & my new travelling Trading Laptop in my back back so potential new office environments should prove interesting… 🙂
Anyway, I just really wanted to touch base and once again say thank you for your guidance. A lot of this trip would not have been possible without your reports & what I am learning from you. During this 2 month break I am going to try my hand at ‘full time’ trading whilst on the go, as I have mentioned to you before in my interview. Here is to a prosperous trip!
So what makes Lourens one of our star performers you may be asking? A great question and something we break-down below as it will hopefully give you a few pointers on the traits needed in order to help you achieve your trading and life goals whatever they may be. Reflecting on Lourens journey, the characteristics that shone through are that he:
> Started with his end goal in mind. His goal was clear enough so that he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and it was big, bold and juicy enough to ensure that he was motivated sufficiently to do whatever it took to achieve it. As the video proves, he has achieved exactly what he set out to do as it was well mapped out years in advance.
>Planned & prepared well ahead. He made big sacrifices upfront in order to make his transition from full time worker to full time trader as smooth as possible. This meant things such as saving as much as he could from his salary and putting this into his trading pot so that his trading profits would also grow and support his plans.
>Invested in his trading education and support. The mentoring and support network he needed to make such a big jump/transition was also established well in advance and continues to provide the necessary hand holding when required.
>Worked his ass off! Very few worthwhile things in life come without hard work and dedication and Lourens never shied away from putting in the necessary hours that are required to become proficient in any skill, not just trading.
>Never let tough spells derail him. He was always looking for constructive feedback to continually improve over time. He has never looked for easy excuses to blame bad patches on external factors, instead always looking at himself and how he can make internal changes to improve over time. Attitude comes before aptitude and his incredibly positive attitude filtered into his eventual mastery of trading the news.
>Never thought it was going to be easy or quick. Managed his expectations from the start. Setting a multi year plan rather than taking an overnight get rich quick mentality.
As you know from previous blogs, our objective with any client interview we undertake is to help motivate, inspire and energise you in your pursuit of your trading goals as nothing seems to hit home with more impact than a good old dose of social proof and so we hope this latest blog has the desired effect as there is absolutely no reason why you can’t follow a similar journey.
Now we are of course delighted and very proud to have played a key role in helping Lourens get to his end goal via the course and daily mentoring support. Stories like this are what motivate us and drive us to continue providing a service which helps our members transform their trading to the point where they can seriously consider a main career as a trader.
Until we speak next
Best wishes
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