How to use the past to predict the future…


Hi Traders,


Last week the video discussed at length at how we can look forward (at the economic calendar) to identify the key market moving events and predict with high probability which currency pairs are likely to move the most. 

You will  also no doubt remember from the video how we focused on the FOMC statement, the German inflation figures and Bank of Japan’s monetary policy statement as key market moving events, focusing on the EURUSD (sell) and USDJPY (buy) pairs. 7 days, and over 700 pips later, I hope you can see just how powerful it can be spending some time each weekend preparing for the week ahead! Credit to those who took full advantage last week. 

Now in addition to looking forward, you can also look back for powerful nuggets of information which can be used to spot high probability opportunities going forward. In this weeks video I run through how each weekend I look back at the past events over the last 5 trading days to glean information which can help me determine the greatest opportunities to take advantage of, not just next week but over the next 3-6 months.


In the video you will learn why USDJPY is a screaming buy, why EURUSD is a screaming sell and NZDUSD is a confident sell over the next few weeks and months on technically efficient pull backs /setups. 

I hope that the last 2 videos show how powerful a small amount of weekly preparation can be to our trading. 


  • Jeetendra

    Excellent information as always Tom.
    It will be nicer if you can upload short video every weekend related to your thought about market movement.

    • Tom

      Hey Jeetendra

      Thanks for the note, glad the information is proving useful!

      I would love to do a video every single week, on a number of different topics as well as market movements. It sadly comes down to time availability. Some weeks I can squeeze it in, others I can’t.

      I will do my very best, and next year I may look at doing a weekly ‘trading room’ service including a live webinar each Sunday looking at the week ahead and Q&A session. This will come down to whether there is enough interest however.

      Will keep you posted

      Best wishes

  • Ray

    Hi Tom – great info here as always. Thank you. Happy New Year.

    • Tom

      Hi Ray

      Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment, its great to hear the videos are being well received, and best wishes to you for 2015!



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