How to battle back from a trading drawdown – My personal experience this month

Hello Traders, apologies about the period of inactivity on the blog. Two reasons, firstly was due to a number of exciting trading projects I was working on and secondly I only really like to blog when I have something really meaningful to talk about which are drawn from real experiences from trading. This week, based on feedback I received from my trade alert subscribers, I have just that. I feel that you can learn a great deal from this week’s video and also get a lot of inspiration from the content.


January was a good solid trading month where all but one trade resulted in a profit. However would you learn much from me just showing you winning trades? I don’t think so. Therefore I would rather concentrate on this month where I started with a big drawdown, and more importantly how I traded through it to come out the other side in tact and confident of finishing Feb in a nice profit.


In today’s video I run through my very own thought process of how I dealt with the drawdown mentally and still remained confident, consistent and disciplined throughout. Taking a drawdown can cause all sorts of problems for traders causing a losing patch to snowball into something greater. I provide some key tips on how to trade through an inevitable drawdown so that when it happens to you next, you are in a stronger position to tackle it head on.


Anyway, as always, prosperous trading.


Until we speak next

Best wishes


  • Gavin

    Thanks Tom, really interesting. As you say, so easy to pull back and stand on the sidelines after a couple of losses. This gives some great guidance on how to tackle it. Many thanks.

    • Tom

      Hi Gavin

      Never be afraid to stay out if there are justified reasons to do so however if there are not and you have found a sound opportunity based on your strategy then its important to get back on the horse as soon as possible to ride both the ups and downs which are inevitable in trading and your ‘edge’ will eventually play out.



  • Andrew

    Thanks Tom,
    This is a really good video.
    Pithy and practical!

    • Tom

      Hey Andrew, really pleased it has been well received…one of the hardest things to do in trading, but vitally important to overcome. Best, Tom


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