Gold strikes Gold – we reach the 2% mark…

Hi Traders, 

This trade has taken quite some time to move from 1% to 2% but that’s absolutely fine. Sometimes trades take a while to realize their potential and therefore discipline to leave a trade alone can pay handsome dividends long term. 

We identified Gold way back in December (see previous blogs/videos) and it bounced to the upside as we had anticipated. It moved to it’s 1% profit target relatively quickly but then slowly climbed the stairs without really gaining much ground. However the recent push higher has taken the second position to 2% and the ability to now move our stop to lock in another 1% on this trade to add to the 1% already banked. See trade image below: [subscribelocker]


Bear in mind this trade is very much still open and running higher so it looks likely to contibute further profits. Next stop is +3% before moving our stop again, unless we see any technical cause for concern that it may be burning out of steam. 

Enjoy the risk free trade 🙂 



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