Goals are for life, not just for Christmas!

Hello readers
I hope my note finds you in fine fettle as we approach the end of 2012 and my last blog of the year.
As we enter the festive period and end of the year, our thoughts turn to the fresh year ahead of us. It’s a time that I look forward too immensely as it provides a time to review the past 12 months to see how you did against your goals and most importantly it provides a great time to set new ones. It’s a very inspiring and energising time.
[subscribelocker] One thing however that I see each and every year, and I am no different, is goals being set and then abandoned very quickly when the novelty of the new year wears thin. As my title states, goals are for life not just for Christmas, meaning that we must persevere for a sustained period to achieve our goals.
As earlier posts will suggest, effort, dedication and a dash of blood sweat and tears are vital ingredients in the formula of success.
A word that is very close to my heart and one I believe to be the main ingredient in goal accomplishment is tenacity. Tenacity was the word on the crest of arms of my Grandfathers Lancaster Bomber Squadron he flew with during the world war. If ever a word was more compelling was here, ensuring that they accomplished their goals in the most adverse of conditions.
Whenever I find my goals a struggle, and this I do, I think of my Grandfather and all the others whom have fought for our country and I draw strength from this. The challenges I face with my goals then seem to take on more accommodating feel.
So the key message/takeaway here is be sure to set goals for 2013. But in order to accomplish them you must be prepared to be tenacious, committed and driven to seeing them through.
Look back in 12 months time with great pride at all you have accomplished rather than regret what you didn’t do.
When you start realising your goals it will make you unstoppable as you will believe that you can do it, and with great belief comes great action and with great action comes great results.

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