Forex source Review – A brilliant replacement for our mentoring service!

Dear trader, 

It is with sadness that I have to inform you that the trader transformation membership service will be closing down to new members with immediate effect. 
The good news from all this is that I have a fantastic replacement for you! As much as I am sad about our membership service coming to an end, I am very excited to introduce you to a fantastic replacement – Forex Source. Think of this as a superior version of the membership service. Everything you experienced with us (weekly market analysis, event previews, currency watchlist, analyst updates etc…) but with some very powerful additional elements.
You can find out all about it via the link below:
FOREX SOURCE TERMINAL (general information):
If you would like to take the platform for a 2 week test drive first then please use the link below: 
FOREX SOURCE TERMINAL (2 week trial and monthly subscription):
If however, you are convinced and ready to go, we would strongly suggest you subscribe to their annual plan as we have managed to secure a 50% discount just for you, due to our large community of news based traders. For this, please ensure you use the link below as it includes the discount: 
FOREX SOURCE TERMINAL (1 year subscription with 50% discount included):
Best wishes
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