Client Case Study = 4 months, +59%, 0 losing trades out of 73!

Hello Traders, 

As you will have no doubt seen in our recent trade videos, these past few months have been incredibly fruitful with an abundance of large, powerful and predictable fundamental news drivers to take advantage of. However, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it which is why I am always keen to share the success stories of our clients. So in this latest video you will see me talk you through the live results of one of our best performing clients of the past few months, Allysha. 
Allysha, from Australia, joined up to our membership service back in July and has clocked up an incredible +59% account growth in this time. Whats most incredible, is that over these four months and over +70 trades, she hasn’t had a single losing trade.
My objective with any client case study is to help motivate, inspire and energize you in your pursuit of your trading goals as nothing seems to hit home with more impact than a good old dose of social proof and so I hope this latest video has the desired effect as there is absolutely no reason why you can’t follow a similar journey. 
We are so proud of Allysha’s results that we are going to run a discount promotion for the next few days on the membership service that has helped her turn her trading results completely around. For the next few days we will be discounting the first months fee by 20%. You can obtain the discount by entering code ‘ALLYSHA’ where prompted on the checkout page below:
Look forward to helping you achieve similar feats in your trading, over the coming months.
Best wishes
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