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As a youngster growing up I was an avid reader of autobiographies. These were predominantly of business people but this also stretched to sportspeople and traders. One common thread among them was that they were all successful in their own right and the reason why I was reading their books was because I wanted to know WHAT made them a success. What surprised me most was that many never really put the success down to themselves, but down to the team they had built around them. It bought to life the powerful nature of a positive circle of influence and I actively went seeking this as at the time, I had a circle of influence holding me back.
[subscribelocker] Moving down to London and getting involved in the social circles of trading, personal development and fitness I have been almost cocooned in a bubble over the past 12 months, exposing myself to a vast number of positive, energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious people and I have been projected forward in this slip stream of success. It is hard to fail when so many people around you are successful. This is contagious, its infectious and you almost become addicted because of the feeling you get spent in such an environment. I often get accused of working too hard, but when I spend time with my circle of influence, time passes me by, inspiration takes over from perspiration and days simply roll by, a little too quickly for my liking.
I can now see both sides of the coin. Before I moved to London, I felt like the odd one out in my circle of influence. I thought and acted in completely different ways to my peers at the time. There was no commonality in ambition, drive and determination and I used to feel like I was the problem when really I simply hadn’t found the right circle of influence. Now it was hard to leave this circle, as I had long standing friends and associates but they were providing no real benefit to my personal development and I had to sacrifice certain relationships in order to best fulfill my long term ambitions.
Now however, it is a completely different story, I surround myself with a group who have the most substantial positive effect on me. We are all like minded, and  have a similar outlook on life. It allows you to boost your overall efforts by at least another 10% as this boost is coming from an external source. If you have your own personal drive and energy and add this to your circle of influence’s power, you have a strong vehicle to drive you to achieving even the most ambitious of goals.
A circle of influence is none more important than in trading. Trading takes it’s toll on us emotionally, and therefore we need those characters around us that are going to ensure our mindset is boosted at all times.
So start taking a look around you, who are the people you should be having conversations with? Just like a football manager picks the best 11 players to win a match, we need to select the most influential of people to be part of our circle to help us win in life. And are there people currently in your circle having a detrimental impact on you? I know I had several. We have to simply let these go. It may be uncomfortable to do so, but the long term benefit will be worth it. A negative circle of influence can sap energy from you much more powerfully than a positive one can contribute so be wary of it.
Positive circle’s of influence don’t just happen over night, you need to select, monitor and eliminate over time until you have the perfect match. It will be more of a gut feel than anything, it will feel right. The true test is that you can speak with your circle of influence for hours and feel more energised after than you did before.
I wish you well in your quest, believe me it will be worth it.
Tom 🙂

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