Carpe Diem

Good afternoon all,
Carpe Diem (seize the day) is one of my most guiding principles. One that hit home to me after reading numerous books on successful entrepreneurs. They all took quick, decisive yet well calculated action when pursuing their goals. This instilled the trait in me from a very young age. If the most successful people act this way, I knew I must replicate this in my own life. Model the traits of the people you admire and you can only start developing in the right way.
[subscribelocker] Reflecting on my biggest achievements I always spent a short period of time reviewing the risk v reward but if I had the right gut feel I just went for it and put everything I had into it. With this approach success in what you do is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.
I was recently shocked the other day by an old university friend who made me aware it had been 10 years since I first attended University. It only feels like yesterday. It further reinforced the fact that life passes us by very quickly and so can our opportunities unless we seize the day. If not today then when? You have to create the tomorrow you want today.
Yet taking action now is just the first step, you then have to motivate and push yourself daily towards your goals. This isn’t easy and in most cases takes a large investment of time and money but what better thing to invest in than yourself?
One thing I will advise, that was critical in my own development, is getting a coach or mentor in your chosen field. Like I mentioned above I started to replicate the traits of people whom I admired and looked up too and in many ways wanted to be like. A mentor or coach can help you move forward more quickly and confidently as they have the experience to guide you in fewer steps than what is normally possible on your own. They can provide motivation, inspiration and guidance to keep you going, especially when the going gets tough. Look at all top athletes, businessmen and women and entrepreneurs…most have a coach behind them, keeping them at the top of their game.
So as I said in my last blog, whether you want to lose weight, earn more, start a business, learn a new language etc…start your goals now and create the tomorrow you want, TODAY.
To your success


  • julio

    Indeed, every top man had a coach/mentor behind him – a really motivational argument that will keep everyone going forward towards achieving their highest goals and ambitions in life. Start making your tomorrow’s TODAY 🙂

  • Leonie

    Thank you for your wise words reading your blogs really helps me to keep focused on trading of which I often want to give up on but no with patients and training will get there

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  • Paul Walker

    This was the motto of a leadership course I attend in 1993, it was a month long and very arduous it proved right. As when in extreme situation where decisions are critical and need to be fluid, seizing the day is the only way through! Also in this vertical learning curve a mentor was vital but difficult as choosing the wrong one could change the outcome, as it is crucial to have someone who will not only stretch you but nourish you as well.

    With 60 candidates attending and only 24 passing this give a great feeling of accomplishment as I was not academically gifted nor the best athlete and struggled to understand why people who seemed to excel in either or both area’s fell by the way side, I felt the Gods had been on my side and a bit of a fraud, after discussing this with the instructors at the end of course dinner I discovered they where after people who seized the opportunity and acted on the guide lines they had been taught and did not want people who regurgitate information or run a mile to a Olympic standard the needed all rounder who interpreted the rules to the situation.

    Although this has stayed with me through my working carrier its only after reading Tom’s blog that the feeling that no mountain is to high has come back and a matter of “when” not “if” as quoted in the blog.

    Thanks Tom it seemed to come just at the right time.


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