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top-10-brands-on-socialcam-eef22540ddDear Springboarders,
I hope my latest blog finds you well.
You may have noticed in many of my historical blogs that I talk about the power of belief in ourselves. This strong belief causes us to take strong actions and strong actions bring about strong results. So working on this component is so so important.
[subscribelocker] So to help, the topic for today’s blog is about thinking of yourself as a brand. A strange concept you may be thinking but one I hope becomes clearer as you read on and actually shows you a clever way to build self belief, getting you to the point where you begin to take strong action in all aspects of your life, and as a by product of this, get results too.
Now I have personally found (from my own experience and from speaking to many successful people from different fields) that the most common reason for not doing the things we really want to (the action) is because of fear and this fear frequently stems from a lack of self belief. I had this for a long time. I just didn’t believe that ‘average’ me could conquer some of the things I really wanted to achieve. But this held me back from doing some wonderfully challenging things which were essentially the vehicles to getting what I wanted.
I wanted to earn more, travel more, achieve more but sadly without action these things were NEVER going to happen unless I was considerably lucky and won the lottery! I had to earn the right to lead the life I aspired to lead and this meant doing things which would take me out of my comfort zone.
The main challenge then becomes getting out of our comfort zone. Why don’t we like being out of own comfort zone as human beings? Simply because we don’t believe we can do something in particular. It is challenging and we may fail. We greatly fear failure.  This causes us to remain within our comfort zone BUT with the downside of having to settle for not obtaining the certain outcomes we wanted. It’s completely understandable and natural for us to feel this way but our goals and our hopes and dreams will sadly be compromised.
Let me illustrate. Although now I am more than comfortable talking in front of large audiences, this wasn’t always the case. I used to really struggle with confidence because I feared failure. I didn’t have the belief that I could do it. And this lack of confidence/belief held me back on doing so many things I wanted to do, not just the public speaking. If I was to really become the person I wanted to, and to accomplish the things I so desperately wanted to, I knew this was an area I really had to work on.
So one day, I decided to commit to a plan of action for becoming a more confident person and tackling the things I had wanted to tackle for some time were it not for the lack of confidence/fear. The way I went about it was so simple but so effective, and something I simply learned from a mentor of mine.
I sat down and said to myself if I was a product or service, how would I best sell myself? I then wrote down all the things that I felt were my strong points, my USP’s (unique selling points) and then made a list:
Hard working
Idea generator
Success oriented
Results focused
When I saw in writing the many positive traits I had, it hit home how much ability one has and this grows your self worth. I knew that my passion for trading combined with my compassion for fellow traders would make me an interesting and engaging public speaker. Since this day, I have had the fortune to speak in front of hundreds of people all around the world. My end objective is now complete which was only made possible by generating and building that initial self belief.
Now it is also vitally important that we don’t go from one extreme to another i.e. from having too little belief to too much. So long as we control ourselves from being over confident, arrogant or ignorant we can truly tackle more things we want to do with greater confidence, conviction and belief.
So take 5 minutes so sit in a quiet room and just list all those things that you are brilliant at. You will no doubt be pleasantly surprised with yourself.
Have a great week


  • Kerry Jackson-Rider

    Thanks for this Tom. It is a really helpful and timely reminder to focus on the positives and try to increase our self belief that we CAN achieve our goals – whatever they are. It was nice to see you on Friday 🙂 xx

  • Gavin Kingcome

    Tom – a brilliant article; thanks mate

  • Richard

    Another great article Tom.. working on building my list of USP’s


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