Attitude trumps Aptitude

Good morning all,
Yesterday provided me with a moment of real clarity on why some people succeed and some people fail, when both parties are doing the same thing. This moment came from a student of mine whom I had taught to trade stock’s a few months ago. This young lad became part of a peer group that I had encouraged people to form to try and assist in generating a strong and positive circle of influence (see earlier blog on the power of a positive circle of influence).
[subscribelocker] He copied me into all email exchanges so that I was privy to conversations and in the early days, everything was fine. Everyone was hungry, positive and full of vigour. However when things didn’t go as smoothly as the first few weeks, and the going got a little tougher, I started to begin to see the first stages of negativity and discontent. There were several people in the group blaming external factors for their lack of results rather than taking responsibility and working on improving themselves.
However one person did separate themselves from the crowd. This young lad, who also runs his own business, never once let his positive attitude wane. Not once did he blame an external factor for his results, instead always looking at how he could improve himself to gradually move towards his goals. And yesterday, I noticed another note from this guy who was delighted to announce that he had met his trading target for September and the month hadn’t even finished.
This provided such clarity that having a positive attitude and a strong belief in what you are doing will naturally infiltrate into positive actions which will inevitably move you closer towards your goals. With a negative attitude and limited belief, you are never going to take the necessary actions to give you the results you want. Ask yourself about the most successful people you know and I am pretty confident that you will find they have a brilliant attitude to life in general and all the activities they partake in.
Remember, that when you push yourself outside your comfort zone to grow and develop, you are going to find the going a little tough at times. There are then 2 routes you can walk down, the positive route where you overcome challenges through positive actions and eventually reach your goal…OR…give up and wonder why another goal has slipped through your fingers. I know far too many people who sadly are always finding excuses on why they haven’t done this or that. The excuses they use are NEVER the reason for their failure, it is their decision to let these excuses limit their positive actions and this stems from our mindset.
Now it may seem from my writing that all this comes easily to me. Well I can confidently say that it doesn’t, I need to work on myself daily to push me towards the goals I want to achieve. In the past I have given up, I have taken a negative mindset, I have pointed the finger of blame at everything but me however it got me nowhere. What I have been able to do, is learn from doing a lot of things wrong, so that I know what to do right. This has enabled my personal development to exponentially grow rather than lying stagnant 5 years ago.
So as we come to the end of the month and the start of a new one, there is no better time to set yourself a mini goal. Make it small so that it can realistically be achieved in a month and provide instant gratification. Take the example of my young student, he has provided me with inspiration and he should do the same for you. Taking the right attitude in life will pay handsome dividends in the long term, and will pull in the right people around you as inspirational people ONLY ever want to work with other inspirational people.
Thank you to all of you who have passed on my blog link to friends, family and colleagues. Keep spreading the word as with more followers it gives me the chance to bring many more exciting opportunities to the table for you ūüôā
To your success


  • steve m kelly

    Another great post thank you Tom.

    The times in my life I have really achieve significant progress have been when I have been totally focused on a single goal and full of positivity.

    When I directed TV programmes, I was asked to do a special episode of a well known soap. It was highly ambitious and boy was I excited to be asked. I attended the first production meeting full of positive energy knowing the script was a real winner. It was then the Producers dropped the bombshell. This multi stunt epic had a budget that was not only small but was unimaginably ridiculous. They could see I was shocked as they apologised for the small budget. They told me they knew it was a difficult task but asked me outright, “Can you shoot this episode even though there is virtually no money and also shoot two more films at the same time and make them all great?” In an instant I said, “Yes”. I was used to hard seemingly impossible tasks but this was beyond anything I had ever done and I had no idea how I could lead a team to make it happen. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but fully committed and full of positive energy. There were huge problems to surmount every day but working with a great team we finally did it.

    Months later after the episodes were complete I had another meeting with the producers. They reminded me of our original meeting and told me they really had thought the project really was impossible. That second meeting took place at 2am in a London Hotel after we had won the National Soap award for the best single episode of drama shot that year.

    I have continued to use these lessons of positivity and passion in my trading and I am beginning to see the positive results.

    • tfranklin

      Hi Steve, fantastic example, thanks for sharing. Our most rewarding moments normally follow our most challenging ones!

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