Another fund trader is born, meet Brandon…

Hi traders,

Following on from last weeks well received video with Richard, I wanted to follow up with another injection of Monday Motivation 🙂

Today I proudly bring you another testimonial video from another of our students, Brandon from the USA, who has made the exciting leap from retail trader to fund trader in recent days. Brandon is another student of ours who has mastered the fundamental side of forex trading on his own personal account and is now looking to leverage his skills on much larger pots of trading capital over the coming years via one of the routes he discovered in our fund course. In contrast to Richard however, who was already trading a sizeable personal account, Brandon has been trading a much smaller account (under $1k). Check out the video to find out what he has to say about how his trading has been going since he started with us back in April.

Brandon thus falls into the category which most retail traders start off in (me included when I first started out) and that is the under-capitalized category. A talented trader but one who’s trading account size prevents him from making the financial returns he deserves for his efforts. Like most traders who are under-capitalised, we tend to take a much more aggressive approach than is recommended and so the natural next step to be taken is to increase trading capital (whilst taking a more conservative approach).

You may be looking at fund trading as something which creates more pressure and more risk but its completely the opposite. Moving onto a much larger account size allows us as traders to in fact ease back up on our trading and take a more conservative approach and trade in the comfort of knowing that our own money (normally from personal savings) is no longer at risk. Quality over quantity, letting great trades jump out at us rather than chasing poor quality options and thus allowing our account size to be topped up further after growth targets are achieved.

So again you can take great motivation and belief from Richard, Brandon and our other traders moving from retail trading into fund trading and creating trading businesses for themselves. Use them as social proof that you can do exactly the same. It won’t happen overnight, nor will it be easy, but anything ever worth doing never is simple.

Our 3 course ‘Learn To Trade’ bundle will give you the necessary education, foundation and confidence to take your first step to becoming a fund trader. Remember this includes the following:

1. Learn to Trade The News course

2. Learn to Trade The Technicals course

3. Learn to Trade A Fund course

This way you have everything you need to take your trading from a part time hobby to a full time career. You can access these right away via the link below:


We look forward to helping you become the next ‘Richard’, or the next ‘Brandon’…


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