Age is no barrier to success

Don't let age (younger or older) be a barrier to your success

Don’t let age (younger or older) be a barrier to your success

 Hello Springboarders,
I came across the following article from Virgin, a brand whom I regularly follow due to being a big fan of its founder Sir Richard Branson.

This article details the characteristics of successful young people. It really hit home for me as reading the article made it seem as though I had personally written it. They talk about action taking, getting around the right people, believing in yourself, having a strong purpose etc…all the things I have blogged about over the past couple of years. They are all involved in very different industries, but share similar traits which have facilitated their success and we can learn a lot from these transferable skills and incorporate them into our own endeavors.  But the key issue here is has age helped or hindered these people? Neither really, they have just learnt at a very young age, the key ingredients required for success.
Sometimes, in the past, I had felt a little uneasy talking to people about how to train their mind for success, to achieve their goals,  especially to those older than me. Why? Simply because I felt that I was not old enough or experienced enough to do so. But this article rubbished this thought process. No matter how young or old we are we can still learn the traits that will give us the highest probability of success in everything we tackle.
With trading, I have seen people as young as 14 and as old as 80 master the skill. Young children, slowly and steadily learn how to walk and talk. Our age can facilitate our success but it most certainly shouldn’t prevent us from success and doing the things we really want to do.
I have always used the guide of if one person can do something, anyone can (granted it doesnt relate to everything but certainly to many). I remember watching as a child a person juggling. After I had seen someone do it, I believed it was possible, and when I had the belief I could do it, I put forward the action (practice) and that got me the result I wanted (the ability to juggle). This approach has really helped me tackle challenging events with much more conviction. If you can see others doing what you want to do, it is absolutely possible so get stuck in and tackle it with full commitment. And this becomes infectious, when you learn one skill, you really do infect your self-belief that you can do exactly the same thing with other skills and it can have a very powerful and positive effect across many aspects of your life.
Don’t let age (young or old) hold you back from what you want to be and do. Its just an excuse. Rather concentrate on embracing the skills which will make you successful and success will follow if you are prepared to work hard for it.
To our continued success.


  • Anastasia Ekkert

    Excellent article Tom!! I agree 100%!

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  • william simmons

    Brings to mind 3 ‘confluent’ words: Desire, yearning & aspiration. Age is not relevant to these wrods…. Probably we initially DESIRE, then actively YEARN for our dream… And we walk towards it (ASPIRATION).. We can all ‘walk’ can we not ?…. Towards a goal.
    Some have proved that we can ‘repeat’ quests for careers over and over again!
    Good article Tom.

  • Info

    Great email Tom!

    I’ve always believed ‘if a human can do it, then so can I’

    I took this view upon seeing Greg’s initial FX seminar and understood its only time now to get me where I want to be.

    Cheers !!

    Jeff – Platinum


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