Action, Action, Action!

A good afternoon to my readers,
I firstly wanted to share the success that my blog pushed through the 1000 unique hits mark this weekend which is fantastic considering I initially planned it for 10-15 friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is so powerful!
I am really pleased so many people are benefiting from the odd injection of positivity and thank you for your kind words, knowing how much it is helping others stimulates me to keep writing more stuff.
[subscribelocker] This leads me nicely into my latest blog about taking action. I have always wanted to voice my inner thoughts and beliefs but until I combined this wish with action, it wasn’t able to materialize.
I see so many people talk a good game, but all too many never back it up with any clear action. The old adage of ‘ actions speak louder than words’ is so fitting because words alone are simply latent power, power that is asleep until it is awoken by actions. We have all heard people talk about they are going to start a business, get fit, become a millionare, travel more…the list goes on…but I bet we can count on a single hand the amount of people who said they were going to do something, and then did it. A number of factors hold us back such as laziness, not knowing how, fear, life getting in the way etc…but what are these? Simply excuses, reasons to feel better about ourselves as we seek justification for our lack of action.
Nothing and I mean nothing should hold us back from accomplishing our goals, ambitions, dreams. Over time, man has managed to get heavy heap’s of metal to fly into space, to travel to different continents and to stay afloat on water in even the most fierce of storms so wanting to achieve your goals (no matter how testing they may be), are absolutely achievable. Humans have forever overcome difficulties simply by taking ‘continuous, focused and dedicated action, until a pre-determined outcome is achieved. So make your goals relative to the greatest feats of all time and see how manageable they then sound. When you make them sound less outlandish, this builds that strong belief system (which we know is so, so important) we take the actions necessary to give us the results we want.
People often ask me whether my burning desire and hunger is innate or learned and I was thinking deeply about this on my jog earlier and I came to the conclusion that it is a mix of both. I don’t believe I, or anyone for that matter, is born a natural achiever, with a burning desire for success. It simply isn’t something you think about as a child, you natural instinct is to make friends and have fun.
However, I believe that through learning and being surrounded by a positive circle of influence, you condition yourself to become innately hungry for success. I no longer need to work at it, it comes naturally, I wake up everyday already knowing what I want to get from the day and what I need to do to get it. I do this on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and annual basis to ensure both the micro (short term) and macro pictures are covered.
So if you feel that taking action is more a chore than a natural instinct then I recommend the following:
1. Start to read a number of books written by social successes (in sport, business, your chosen field)…understand there thought process and the commonalities across them all. I put my thought process down to the hundreds of books I have read and continue to read of top traders, entrepreneurs, top businessmen and women, top sportspeople. You condition yourself to think like them, to act like them and this becomes more and more natural with time.
2. Get yourself a mentor or life coach. Growing up, questions kept popping into my mind all the time which I didn’t know the answer to. If you cannot reach an answer yourself, you need a person who is a few steps ahead of you in regards to your journey. They are the best people to quiz, question and more importantly learn from because they have walked the steps you want to walk and they can advise on how best to get there, and what pitfalls to avoid. They are essentially a map (or in the modern world, a sat nav) in that they provide you with the most efficient way to get to your end destination. Yes, we can get to our destination without a map/mentor but it will take 10 times longer.
3. Start creating daily actions. Break down your daily goals into small manageable actions. The regular feeling of achievement you get when you can cross an action out as complete is such a great feeling that it will become addictive and a natural part of your routine with time. This will then naturally lead to your goal setting on a larger time frame of weekly, monthly and yearly. In addition you will get continuous feedback about how you are doing against goals and alter your actions as necessary.
When action taking becomes a fully conditioned, innate part of you, things just seem to be that much less cumbersome and importantly more enjoyable because without enjoyment, there is no longevity in anything.
So first step is to take action about taking action!
As always, wishing you all the best and as ever please do post your feedback at the bottom or via skype, one thing that is better than your own success, is being a part of somebody else’s.
Have a fantastic week,


  • Viv

    Hey Mister, this blog is really close to my heart. Whilst reading it, it was like hearing you saying word by word, bringing me back to our coaching sessions and conversations. It is also very interesting that today just before switching on my computer to do my weekend chart analysis, I set my self a new trading goal starting from tomorrow as I realise that something was missing. It was the satisfactions of fulfilment in achieving own goals and the challenge of being stretched out to achieve it. Reading your blog was like having your approval on my action! I love your last sentence – one thing that is better than your own success, is being a part of somebody else’s. This is the reason why I shared with you my trading success and reward you for it!!! I wish all the best in achieving your success and in being part of someone else’s!!! Viv

  • Dian

    Thanks for writing such a motivational blog! Keep it up as a lot of people will benefit from it!

  • Jorge A Carrilho

    Brilliant Im inspired, your words are those in my head but the reality of achieving my goals are dampened by the reality of day to day life and work. You remind me to keep pushing despite the hardships life keeps throwing at me, I too want to love what i want to do in life and will achieve it someday through the financial freedom of trading so that I too can do what I love, thanks for taking the time to inspire and re ignite the flame for life, Ciao.

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