A wonder of the world…

A very good day to you,
I am fresh back from an awe inspiring run along the coast of Cape Town, SA, and no better time to write a blog than when freshly invigorated by one of the world’s most beautiful countries.
This leads me on nicely to what I believe is another wonder of the world, trading! Even with my travelling I have managed to take my ‘job’ with me and take some healthy profits along the way. A week ago I was trading in the UK, last weekend Johannesburg and this week Cape Town. What other skill enables you to do this? And on top of this I am able, through the educational company I work on behalf of, to inspire over 200 South Africans to take control of their financial future.
[subscribelocker] Travelling to new places and meeting new people is inspiring, and everywhere is so different and unique but one thing that does not change across continents is human emotion. From talking to and speaking to traders in different areas of the world, it is no surprise to see that we all suffer from fear and greed. So take note of this and don’t believe your situation is any different to that of your peer across the world. Your journey is unique to you but very similar at the same time. And boy it’s a great journey.
Trading in a way, is very similar to travelling. You are constantly learning new things to make you wiser and more experienced. You utilise these experiences to become a more rounded person (travelling) or a more consistent trader (trading). So see everything you do as an opportunity to improve and move closer to your goals.
And finally do not be too hard on yourself. Treat the market’s with respect and do the best you can but don’t take yourself too seriously. I was able to put things in perspective whilst standing at what felt the end of the world, Cape Point. Here, I realised I was simply a tiny dot, in a huge world where there are much more significant events going on than a losing trade! It may sometimes feel’s like the end of the world after a loss but it is simply a small road bump on the way to your next profitable run.
Best wishes from sunny SA!! (and a special thanks to my personal tour guide, I wont embarrass you by mentioning your name, you know who you are)


  • Jane

    Inspirational stuff Tom, and beautifully written.

    If we take one step at a time on our life’s journey, stay in the moment, and look at every hurdle/loss as an opportunity to learn, we flourish and grow.

    I am so excited about this trading trip I have embarked on, and so grateful to all who have contributed to my knowledge, and looking mucho forward to becoming a more rounded and consistent trader.

    Here’s to you all at Knowledge to Action! Thanks.

  • Hanan Yanny

    Glad you’re having a great time in CT – now you can see why Julian misses it so much – can you imagine his school PE lessons used to be surfing at Miuzenberg beach?!

    Yup, I agree – when I scuba dive, I feel so small in comparison to this beautiful world of ours, that my problems suddenly seem to be much more insignificant, and I feel more empowered and stronger to carry on and tackle things.

    Just enrolled a friend onto your Jhb course and I got great positive feedback about you and Paul. Thanks guys!


  • Siphiwe

    Thanks for the nice read Tom.

  • moyafx

    Well Tom, so glad you enjoyed our beautiful Cape Town.
    It as been a great pleasure to meet you at the course this weekend and for the great performance.
    Placed my first trade this morning and it closed on target so I am very happy with it.
    Hope you have a good flight back to London.

  • Jean Badenhorst

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in SA, Tom ! Thank you for an excellent and inspirational 2 days of trading instruction – amazing material so very well presented. The challenge to action – there it is: getting one’s head uncomfortably around the software – a bit like cuddling a hedgehog – but the feeling of achievement is magnetic. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with us so enthusiastically. Now you know the way to Table Mountain – come back soon !


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