35% account growth in 6 months – New Client Interview!!

Hello Traders, 

As you will have no doubt seen in our 2016 blog posts, trade videos and numerous client testimonials, the year has been an incredibly fruitful one with an abundance of large, powerful and predictable fundamental news drivers to take advantage of. However, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it which is why I am always keen to share client success stories on a regular basis and so, following swiftly on from last weeks blog showcasing Lourens progress, I wanted to share yet more success from another one of my best performing clients, Connor. 

Connor, an Australian now living in the UK, joined up with us at the start of 2016 and has clocked up an incredible +35% in this time. I was therefore very keen to spend some time interviewing him to get to the root of his success and to share this with you all to offer a detailed insight into what it takes to obtain a similar outcome in your own trading. 

My objective with any client interview I undertake is to help motivate, inspire and energise you in your pursuit of your trading goals as nothing seems to hit home with more impact than a good old dose of social proof and so I hope this latest video has the desired effect as there is absolutely no reason why you can’t follow a similar journey. 

During the interview you will discover, among many other things, how Connor: 

– Was breaking even using a purely technical approach but how the fundamentals have enabled him to finally see some sustainable account growth. 
– Fits trading the fundamentals around his day job as a teacher.
– Sets small yet achievable goals to keep him motivated and moving forward.
– Uses the course and mentoring support services to constantly learn, improve and profit.
– And much much more…

Following on from when this video was conducted (last week) we have had another cracker of a week in the markets with yet more huge, fundamentally driven movements. You can of course see how we have been trading this week via our YouTube channel but what I am even more delighted and proud to share is yet more client success stories from the past week. As you will see below we now have members all across the globe prospering from the constant flow of news: 

”A quick update: +111 pips today. 6 trades (1 small loss) on a mix of JPY & GBP.  My long-term JPY trade hit target but I went in and out a few times to bank pips as I was worried about pullbacks.” 

Steve (UK)

”My utmost sincere thanks..you are my Forex God :). I can’t thank you enough with words mate!!!! 

I traded CNY News as GDP came all positive and clear and as you indicated in your email that we should look to trade AUDJPY if it all came positive. I entered AUDJPY immediately soon the news was out. 

As of now I am up by 70+ and since I am sleepy now I took my half position off and for the remaining half I put my stop to BE . 

Man you are a genius 🙂 I don’t know how to thank you . You are just Great!” 

Amarjit (Dubai)

”Morning tom 

After that messing around yesterday (where i should of made 1% in under an hour), I traded the API data. Two trades. Buy USDCAD. Sell CADJPY
+55 pips for both trades.” 

Roy (UK)

”Hi Tom 

Thank you for sending this along.
Just thought I’d let you know I bagged 50 odd pips on release of the Chinese data last night (I bought the AUDJPY). I took your advice and watched Oil prices & the Nikkei to check reaction before jumping in. 

Thank you!” 

Sanjeev (USA)

So, if Connor’s story and the continued success of many other clients has helped further the compelling case for some additional support then you can join him and other like-minded students on the ‘learn to trade the news’ online course by clicking the following link https://www.udemy.com/learn-to-trade-the-news/?couponCode=TASTER16. Whilst the daily mentoring service, which complements the course, can be subscribed to by clicking the following link https://springboardyourtrading.com/trader-transformation-service/

Until we speak next 

Best wishes
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