Dream like you are a child again…

A very Happy New Year,
As you know by now, I really only ever blog when something inspires me. And something did just that this weekend.
I was going to do a blog on the usual topic that occurs in January ‘Setting goals, planning for the year, achieving your resolutions’ etc…etc…however I have personally been inundated with similar blogs, and every man and his dog seems to have covered this so I am going to concentrate on something else, something I feel is more important than the planning and goal setting, it is actually the dreaming up of your goals.
[subscribelocker] I was at home the weekend visiting parents and my girlfriend made the deliberate request of asking to see some pictures of when I was a young child. Probably more to mock me than anything! On this request my mother set to work unearthing an abundance of childhood photos. It was actually quite a shock seeing these pictures and it captured a time long forgotten and bought a flood of memories back. The thing that struck me most was at this young age, I was never afraid to dream big. I had the clarity in vision to believe I could do anything I wanted and that there were no limits to what I could accomplish. It was a great time.
As you grow older however, these dreams have to endure the elements of life including scepticism, hard work, negativity, limiting beliefs…the list is endless and many put their dreams on hold as a lack of belief overcomes the desire to realise their dreams. This is sad as it is the case for many when it shouldn’t be. We should still be able to dream like we are a kid again and achieve what we want from life. I am not saying the dreams will be the same but they are dreams nonetheless. My aspirations have changed somewhat from wanting to be a superhero at the age of 5 to wanting to become a trader in London! My dream changed, but I never stopped dreaming.
Dreams are the fuel needed for the engine, to keep you motoring towards your goals, through the good times and more importantly, the bad. We use dreams as the strong purpose to take strong actions to get strong results.
Sometimes, dreamers are stigmatised for having an outlandish dream but all the dreamers I know are living the life they want, by their rules. As a very current example, I had the fortune of attending a leaving party for two good friends of mine who are emigrating to Australia. They have worked tirelessly for the past few years to make their dream reality. They never wavered from this path as they dared to dream of the new life they so badly wanted. And I am delighted for them mainly because they are the exception to the rule, they had a dream and they were brave enough to follow it through and they will no doubt reap the rewards of their hard work in the past, in the new future they have created for themselves.
So we are at that time where it is great to start dreaming. We are at the start of a new year, its an inspiring time. Make your dreams big and beautiful and dream like you are a child again. This, combined with action, will move you surely and steadily to whatever it is that you want.
Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2013.
p.s. I have attached one of my childhood photos that I perused at the weekend so you can too all have a good laugh at my expense 🙂
Tom Franklin


  • inspirationbyjuly

    Such inspiration words. I truly believe that the moment you strop dreaming is the moment you start to die. I wonder why as we get older we get conditioned to box away our hopes and dreams, but when we were children we were so full of optimism?

    • tfranklin

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sadly as we grow older, life (and its many facets) has the ability to quash the process of dreaming. It almost becomes a guilty pleasure to avoid the stigma often associated with making your dreams public.

      As you mention, we are conditioned through life to accept certain beliefs and these can be both beneficial and not.

  • Umelo

    Great pix Franklin and a few words of inspiration. You did not change a lot!
    I believe the year 2013 is the big one. I can’t wait…

  • chrisharper1987

    Awesome post. Completely agree about following your dreams. Demonstrating passion is contagious. Others naturally are drawn to it. Be true to yourself and your goals and an opportunity will be created for you. True passion is rare these days.

  • Daphne Morgan

    Cute, Tom.

    What a marvellous way to kick off the New Year.

    All best wishes to you. Keeping my dream alive!


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  • Gavin Kingcome

    Thanks Tom, A great blog and an interesting idea to stand outside oneself and look again at the child inside and the dreams that go with it. Happy New Year!


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