2016 starts with a BANG! +250 pips in under an hour!

Hello Traders, 

The first week of the new trading year is normally sluggish, unpredictable and flat. NOT THIS YEAR! Negative China data on Monday was the catalyst for an almighty drop throughout the week in global stock indices and other major asset classes. Not a great time to be a long term stock investor but a wonderful time to be a short term FX trader. 

Although the Chinese currency is not something we can trade right now, the reverberations across other currencies has been clear and predictable. The JPY has been a major outperfomer this week as fear, panic and uncertainty has led to money flowing out of riskier assets i.e. stocks and into ‘safe havens’ of which the JPY is the most widely popular. In stark contrast to the stronger JPY, the AUD and NZD have weakened significantly due to the concerns over the China slowdown and the likely negative impact this will have on the Australian and NZ economies. And finally, to keep boring you about the same subject, oil has continued its descent allowing the CAD to significantly weaken with the likes of USDCAD almost hitting 1.42 when it started 2015 at a mere 1.16! 

Both I and many of those I work closely with have been using the above information to generate some fantastic trades with Thursday’s Chinese stock market inspired moves, allowing for +250 pips in under an hour, being the standout trading day! I must admit that I was more aggressive than normal on this day but then again its not every week that the Chinese stock market falls -7% not once but TWICE in a single week! 

The powerful and tradeable correlations between Chinese events and the AUD, NZD and JPY is something I have been discussing with those I mentor via some training material I produced and sent out over the Christmas period and of course in the daily market reports. With all these powerful elements included in the mentoring service, it has allowed members to prepare for these events well in advance and therefore take full advantage. Below is one of the kind emails received from a new member, to give you an idea of why I am so motivated to help traders improve and continue to proudly promote the service and course

”Hi Tom, 

It’s only been just over 1 day since I’ve started to receive and read your reports and I’m already learning a lot of valuable insights, such as looking at what stock markets are doing in Asia and the impact this has on the AUD/NZD and JPY etc. 

This is something I wouldn’t have considered in my previous pure technical trading life (no wonder I was failing before). 

Thank you for passing on your expertise and knowledge on how to read FX and related markets, this is a great help for an ordinary retail trader like myself. 

I hope I will one day be able to analyze market information for myself eventually and trade successfully on a consistent basis. 

Thanks for giving me a hope of becoming successful once again. 

Kind Regards
Mr S.Khan”

So while on the point of the mentoring service, this is a gentle reminder that it will remain at its current price until the end of January but will then be rising by 40% in February. You can ensure you are able to take advantage of the lower monthly fee by CLICKING HERE. As further incentive, the 2 training videos (approx 2 hours worth) I produced over Christmas will also be included. 

With regards to the course, the 50% discount is now over but you can still access it by CLICKING HERE. 

I hope you have had a fantastic start to 2016, wishing you continued prosperous trading. 

Best wishes
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