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Trader Life – Sun, sea and selling sterling!

Hello Traders, 

Time to take a little break this week from the heavy content-led blogs we have sent out recently and cover something much lighter and motivational for you all. 

As you will see in the images below, last Tuesday I received a surprise notification on Facebook from one of my clients, Lourens. He had taken the time to share a recent positive trading experience where he had managed to profit from the lovely moves in the forex markets this week (more Brexit inspired GBP weakness anyone?!), all from the stunning locations of Macedonia, and surrounding areas, where he was vacationing. So not only did his note make my day and put a big smile on my face, as I love to hear our members making money, it symbolised perfectly the beauty of trading and why I am so passionate about it. 

Here at Springboard we are understandably very evangelical about trading on either a part time or full time basis and can talk all day long about why we feel its the best business in the world and so, when we see our clients taking full advantage of its major benefits, it is always a massive delight. Lourens post shows just that and illustrates through imagery the powerful advantages of life as a trader in this modern, technologically advanced world we live in. 

Lourens is a hugely committed trader and a passionate traveller and has been able to seamlessly tie the two together. As both images show, a laptop and a decent internet connection is all one needs to be able to access the financial markets and what a stunning backdrop to ‘work’ under and draw inspiration/motivation from! With the huge advances in technology over the past decade it is almost impossible to not be able to find a location without a strong internet connection. In fact (to stress how important the internet has become) I heard recently that the most common question asked these days by travellers, regarding their destination, is ‘does it have wifi?’!! It’s certainly the very first thing I ask when booking a trip. As an independent trader we are not chained to a physical office (unless we want to be), we don’t have the need to get staff cover and our tools of the trade are light and inexpensive enough to take with us, wherever we may want or need to go. We also have incredible flexibility, due to the forex markets being open 24/6, to tie it around any other commitments we may have such as jobs, child care and other hobbies. 

Lourens has up until this point worked his trading around his current full time job but with his progress as a trader recently taking off, his thoughts now turn to his next big step as a full time trader. As I picked up with him in recent days, he had this to say: 

”I want to pack my bags and go live somewhere sunny and focus on trading full time. Again, massive thank you. I’ve been trading for nearly 7 years and this, recently, has been the first time I’ve seen solid results. Enough for me to be confident enough to take that big step…”

Being part of this is why I love what I do and the main motivation behind Springboardyourtrading.com which is to help others use the vehicle of trading to successfully and safely navigate themselves towards their long term life goals. Massive credit however must also go to Lourens, and all those I work with, for committing and dedicating themselves to their education. We can lead a horse to water but we can’t force it to drink meaning that clients need to harness and take action on what they are learning. Lourens is a shining example of someone who has done just that and is seeing the fruits of his labour. 

The list of advantages go on and on so what I want to do is share with you all a video I recorded quite some time ago as the content is still completely relevant and even more so now when linking it to Lourens recent trading adventure. The video is titled ”Trading – Why it’s the best business model in the world” and you can watch it by CLICKING HERE!

Irrelevant of where you may be in your trading journey, a complete novice or a seasoned pro, I hope this blog post has provided you with a dose of inspiration and motivation to either get started, get going again or keep going with your trading career. If it has then you are going to love next weeks video blog where I interview another member of our mentoring service who has grown his account by a huge 35% in just a few short months on the service! So, if you want to take your next steps with our support great, see below. If not then simply go and enjoy and maximise those trading advantages :) 

Want to learn more? 

Our online course and daily mentoring service are readily available. Here they will bring you fully up to speed with the fundamental side of trading and provide you with the ongoing support to help make your transition from theory to practice as smooth as possible. Come and join the likes of Lourens, and many others, by following the links below:


Until we speak next, prosperous trading!

Best wishes
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