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Video Blog – Should I be a trader?

A short presentation breaking down the pro’s and con’s of life as a trader to help assist viewers considering a career in trading, in making an informed decision.   In the video I discuss the 5 worst and 5 best parts of being a trader…

Video Blog – Mastering Hidden Divergence

Previous videos have gone over conventional divergence in detail where we have seen how this tool helps massively in entering reversal trades against a trend. However what about trend based trades? What can we use to help us with these setups? I personally use something…

Market Watch

An in depth look back at an incredible trading week. Learn valuable trading techniques which will take your trading to a higher level, concentrating on the following: FTSE100 (long conclusion, short setup) EURGBP (continuation of profits) NZDUSD (stop out) AUDUSD (triggered trade from last weeks…