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Market Watch

After a quiet week last week, this week’s video takes a look forward at the markets to plan for the week ahead.   Quiet weeks are often followed by very active one’s so Tom’s guiding principle is to be proactive and to preempt moves before…

Trader Video Blog 02.02.2014

Confidence and conviction in trading are absolutely critical to success but can easily dwindle. Having trading confidence can lead to much more conviction with not only taking trades but also holding them when we know we should. Not having enough of it and we either…

Protect your Profits!

So January has been a highly active and high yielding month with regards to profits. It is always nice to hear from you about your successes and I am delighted that so many of you have started the year so well in regards to your…

Market Watch

An in depth look back at an incredible trading week. Learn valuable trading techniques which will take your trading to a higher level, concentrating on the following: FTSE100 (long conclusion, short setup) EURGBP (continuation of profits) NZDUSD (stop out) AUDUSD (triggered trade from last weeks…